Holyland Tours for Travel Enthusiasts


Going on a tour doesn’t necessarily mean cramming into buses with a group of strangers.  The people behind holyland tours have designed leisurely private journeys which are customized to the individual’s interests.  So if you’re fascinated with the history of the Middle East, its architecture, culture or cuisine you can sign up for one of these excursions.  Your travel experience will include visits to some of the most luxurious accommodations as well as comfortable transportation. 


If you always dreamed of seeing the places you’ve read about, there are a great number of trips you can take.  There’s the “highlights of Israel and Jordan” package, for instance; or you can choose a visit to any country in Europe or Asia and add a few fabulous days of travel and leisure in the beautiful Holy Land.


History lovers will not want to miss Israel; its many adventures take you to Jerusalem, a city that offers something for everyone.  You can tour the many neighborhoods, shop in the markets and spend days admiring art and culture in its array of museums.   


Aside from Jerusalem, historic holyland tours offer you the unique opportunity to visit the Dead Sea, the Galilee and the Negev Desert.  You’ll marvel in a vast number of archaeological sites like Masada, you’ll sample Israeli wines from the Golan region and marvel in the beautiful Bauhaus architecture found in the lively city of Tel Aviv and dizengoff street. 


For those who like to combine history and adventure, you can always join the jeep tours or camel treks through the desert.  Or you may opt for a day of scuba diving while feasting your eyes on the breathtaking coral reefs of the Red Sea. 


Holyland tours are ideal for people who love the past; they usually include the region of Caesarea, once the capital of old Rome.  With remains of Crusader edifications, it’s a destination that always captures the interest of visitors.  On these itineraries, you’ll continue on to the Seaport of Haifa, a UNESCO World Heritage site; you’ll take a tour of the Knight’s Hall and stop by the El-Jazzar Mosque.  When you reach Capernaum you can go to St. Peter’s house and an ancient synagogue.  And before you know it, you’ll have visited the Mount of Beatitudes, the church of the Annunciation and other historically meaningful spots.              


With journeys as exciting as this one, time will pass you by.


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